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IMCS 2025

International Meeting on Chemical Sensors

Join us at the IMCS 2025, the International Meeting on Chemical Sensors, taking place at the Konzerthaus Freiburg from June 22 – 26, 2025. Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. J. Wöllenstein, this premier event brings together 450 participants from around the globe to explore the latest advancements in the field of chemical sensing. Delve into a diverse range of topics spanning physics, chemistry, materials, and engineering sciences.

Immerse yourself in cutting-edge research and innovation across various areas, from chemical and biosensors to emerging sensing technologies and intelligent data processing. Discover new insights into sensing materials, electrochemical sensors, MEMS/NEMS devices and more, shaping the future of sensor technology at the international meeting. Don’t miss out on our exciting line-up of events, including a get-together at the Historical merchants’ hall and a conference dinner at the Rolf Böhme Saal.

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“Dear Colleague,
On behalf of all the members of the Local Committee we invite you to join the 20th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors, which will be held in Freiburg, Germany from June 22 – 26. The roots of the conference series go back to its inception in Fukuoka, Japan in 1983, and it has since evolved with biennial meetings around the world. The IMCS 2025 promises an unparalleled platform for researchers, scientists, and industry experts to share insights, exchange knowledge, and push the boundaries of chemical sensing technology  at the international meeting. From the latest advancements in chemical- and biosensors to innovations in materials science, the conference will serve as a hub for cutting-edge developments in these fields.
With its blend of medieval charm and modern vibrancy, Freiburg provides an inspiring backdrop for the exploration of cutting-edge sensor technologies. Amidst historic architecture and lush landscapes, you can engage in fruitful discussions, make new connections, and let the spirit of Freiburg inspire your contributions to the field of chemical sensors.
After two online meetings due to the challenges of the global pandemic, we are particularly delighted to welcome you to Freiburg in 2025.”

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wöllenstein

Main topics

  • Chemical sensors
  • Biosensors
  • Mechanisms, modeling and simulation
  • Emerging sensing technologies
  • Sensing materials
  • Electrochemical and metal oxide sensors
  • Optical and luminescent sensors
  • Flexible, stretchable and wearable sensors
  • Sensors for harsh environments
  • Sensors for safety, environmental and healthcare application
  • Intelligent processing of sensing data
  • Hydrogen sensors
  • Applications of Chemical sensors
  • MEMS/NEMS sensors and microfluidic devices
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Freiburg - International Meeting on Chemical Sensors
Freiburg - International Meeting on Chemical Sensors
Freiburg - International Meeting on Chemical Sensors
Freiburg - International Meeting on Chemical Sensors

Welcome to Freiburg

Welcome to Freiburg im Breisgau, the enchanting city that captivates with its historic charm, green oases, vibrant cultural scene, and renowned venues like the Konzerthaus Freiburg. Immerse yourself in the picturesque alleys of the old town, explore the majestic Freiburg Minster, and indulge in the lively atmosphere of the cosy street cafés. Experience the unique flair of a city where history meets modernity and nature meets urbanity. Freiburg – a place that touches the heart and senses alike.

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